Mohenjo Daro Movie Review

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review

The film released today and should add a decent numbers in the Box Office. Film will be affected by the big clash unless it gets good word of mouth from audience. However, looking to the current trend, the film looks like another disaster as the budget of the film is huge and it should have good weekend in order to sustain in weekdays in Box Office, film’s Box Office fate will clearly depend upon word of mouth.Mohenjo Daro Movie Review

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The story is simple, An agriculturist from Amri, Sindh named Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) sets out upriver to the biggest city, Mohenjo Daro, where amid a road disaster he spares the life of a delightful lady named Chaani (Pooja Hegde) who as ‘The Chosen One’ in support of Sindhu Ma, the goddess of the river which is the focal point of their way of life, is ‘the image of Mother Sindhu’s effortlessness and gift.’ But Sarman soon falls afoul of the government official Maham (Kabir Bedi) and his child Moonja (Arunodaya Singh) who are seizing force and beginning to administer Mohenjo Daro as a realm. To win Chaani, Sarman must thrashing(beat) Maham and stir the general population to save their city.

Film has antique plot and screenplay gets exhausting on occasion particularly in second half. Songs are unbearable and procedures look excessively buzzword.

Film has fresh altering. Cinematography is average, creation configuration is real and ensembles are able. Music is bore and looks loner with the time of the film.

Performance Wise, Hrithik Roshan is brilliant and he is a actor who deliver extra mile for most of his movies and he does the same for this one too. Pooja Hegde debuts with this movie and she looks pretty but she lacks in the acting skills and she does not have much to do other than a good smile on her face.


It’s a Epic Failure. Go For It, Only If You Are Hrithik Roshan’s Fan.

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