Sultan Movie Review

Sultan Movie Review

Salman Khan’s much awaited movie ‘Sultan’ releases today with much hype and expectations. Salman Khan is ready to break few records at Box Office. The film has huge pre release buzz and it is considered that fill get a bumper opening in the Box Office. Here is the Sultan Movie Review:

Sultan Movie Review

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Sultan Khan is somewhat immatured for his age thus while he is maintaining a cable business, an unexplainable adoration minute for him changes his life.

After a chance meeting with Aarfa, Haryana’s celebrated female wrestler, Sultan succumbs to her and tries each trap in the book to charm her. He soon discovers that she will just wed a wrestler who has contended past the state level and that turns into the motto of his life. Sultan trains himself to be deserving of her and to stand tall in his own eyes.

With his physical and in addition mental quality, Sultan goes ahead to make developments and even wins at the Olympics. He even weds Aarfa however his hardest battle with life is yet to come.

Will Sultan’s developing arrogance demolish his marriage with Aarfa? Witness the ascent, fall and ascent of Sultan!

The dialogue’s are have been made keeping in mid the personality of Salman Khan. But, unfortunately the dialogue misses the quality to become famous like Chak De ‘Sattar minute’.


Salman Khan is back giving one more tremendous performance. Another pillar of the movie is Anushka Sharma, who has done justice to her role with her brilliant acting. Though the duration of the movie is long which could have been reduced cutting few unnecessary scenes. Watch it for the Salman Khan’s best performance.

For it’s satisfaction value and a good watchable story, I will be giving 3.5/5 for this film.

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