Whoa! What Hollywood Celebs Feel About Global Superstar Shah Rukh Khan!

What Hollywood Celebs feel about Global Superstar Shah Rukh Khan!


Shah Rukh Khan has turned into a symbol over the world, he has fans everywhere throughout the world, not only the outside group of onlookers even the Hollywood whizzes are huge aficionados of the on-screen character.

Every Hollywood big name has talked about their affection for Shah Rukh Khan and how they are a major fanatic of him. At the point when news of Heather Graham doing Dhoom 3 was doing the rounds, she approached and plainly expressed that she would not be doing any Bollywood motion picture if Shah Rukh Khan is not featuring in it. Such is the force of his stature in Hollywood. He has already worked together with Akon for his motion picture Ra. One and has even led a TV meeting with Lady Gaga. Notice The photos of Shah Rukh Khan, Lady Gaga hanging out with Arjun Rampal were continually flowing the web. Notwithstanding when american rapper Armando Christian Perez, prevalent by his stage name Pitbull, shook a leg with Bollywood genius Shah Rukh Khan amid the opening function of Indian Premier League (IPL) in Kolkata a year ago, he was seen welcoming the performing artist a considerable measure. SRK even taught him a couple Bollywood moves yet the artist now appears to need more than that. The rapper as of late uncovered that he had an astonishing time amid his IPL visit to India. He said the sort of adoration and love he got was overpowering. He included, “The general population of India are truly warm. I truly delighted in performing before such an immense and inviting gathering of people.” Pitbull even advised that he would love to work with the King Khan, it’s not simply him numerous Hollywood stars need to work with King Khan and every Hollywood star have talked about the on-screen character and so as to recognize what they have told, read on and look at what the Hollywood stars feel about Shah Rukh Khan.

1. Pitbull About Shah Rukh Khan

I got to learn a few Bollywood footsteps, thanks to Shah Rukh. He is an amazing performer, full of energy. There is nothing as of now, but I would definitely love to work with him in the future,


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