What? Celebrities Insurance Policies? Well! That Sounds Weird.

Making an acceptable insurance policy of something valuable is a smart move. However, some people, and particularly celebrities, have had some insurance policies that are insanely costly at that! Here are 11 of the craziest insurance policies made by celebs that will make you laugh.

Here is the list of 11 Insane Celebrity Insurance Policies you had no clue –

Heidi Klum has insurance of $2 million for her slender legs.

Yes, the beautiful supermodel’s legs that have gotten everyone swooning over her insured for $2 million. According to her, if something happens to her legs, there’s no career left.

Gene Simmons insured his tongue for around $1 million.

Yes, that is a long tongue sure, and it has got the healthiest color, and it suits the makeup he wears on his face. But insuring it for a million dollars is still very, very insane!

Keith Richards had his middle finger insured for $1.6 million.

It’s a considerable cost someone would pay for a finger that is only useful to put up in the air and say ‘off.’ However, Richards’ middle finger made him everything he is, helping him play the guitar like he does – magically. A whopping $1.6 million might be justifiable here, but it still sounds crazy to me.

Rich Hall secured his sense of humor with an insurance of $1.5 million.

For a stand-up comedian, this is smart rather than insane. Can you not make people laugh anymore? You still get 1.6 million dollars for that! For the rest of us, insurance for something that depends upon the intellect is pretty crazy.

Troy Polamalu insured his hair for $1 million.

Someone out there is proud of the curls, and what else is a better way to show it but insure the curly hair for a million dollars? Good move, mate.

Tom Jones had his chest hair insured for $7 million.

Yes, you read it right. No mistake there. Whereas some people love their curls, someone else loves their chest hair. But 7 million dollars for that? Man, that sounds weird.

Mark McGwire had his ankle taken care of by ensuring it for $120 million.

Yes, he is excellent, and more so is his ankle. But, an ankle’s insurance policy of 120 million dollars hurts my brain.

Mariah Carey’s legs are priceless, but she has modestly insured them for only $1 Billion.

Yes, $1 billion. If you calculate the number of men who lose their chill looking at those legs, you will find some justification with this insurance policy. One of her legs has a scar, but hey, in imperfection lies the beauty. And one whooping billion dollars.

Ilja Gort made an insurance policy of $8 million for his nose.

This thing is for those of you who don’t know, Ilja Gort is a celebrated Dutch winemaker. His sniffing prowess has made him what he is. With that insurance policy of 7 million dollars, he coveys a message: ‘a useful nose is far more precious than just a beautiful one.’

Julia Roberts secured this pretty smile of hers for $30 million.

I don’t see one reason why would Julia Roberts stop smiling, especially since it reminds people of sugar, spice, and all things beautiful! If she ever has grounds to claim the insurance, she will fade someone else’s smiles too!

David Lee Roth insured his semen for $1 million!

Yeah, this is the final destination of being bizarre. David Lee Roth insured his semen for one million dollars. David explained that, if he ever ‘accidentally’ had a relationship with his fans and the sperm slipped, he wouldn’t want to be the father, so the precaution of an unusual kind!


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