11 Insane Celebrity Insurance Policies You Had No Clue About


What? Celebrities Insurance Policies? Well! That Sounds Weird.

Making an acceptable insurance policy of something valuable is a smart move. Getting an insurance is sensible and nice idea, it’s actually practical and unavoidable thing in life. We have heard about Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Liability Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance and many other insurance as well. There are enormous insurance available across the globe.

However, some people, and particularly celebrities, have had some insurance policies that are insanely costly at that! Today, everyone from a sportsperson to musician to models have insured some of their body or some parts of their body leaving you in complete shock. Lately many insurance companies have been also jumping into this game, insuring their spokespeople and models to create publicity for the celebrity and the brand. Here are 11 of the craziest insurance policies made by celebs that will make you laugh. In this list we have gathered some strangest, weirdest, bizarre things which are insured by the celebrities. Can you just guess the weirdest thing (Body Part) that a celeb has ever insured? No, right? Well just go on reading and have laugh reading this list of craziest insurance policies made by some of the celebrities.

Heidi Klum has insurance of $2 million for her slender legs.

Yes, the beautiful supermodel’s legs that have gotten everyone swooning over her insured for $2 million. According to her, if something happens to her legs, there’s no career left.