11 Insane Celebrity Insurance Policies You Had No Clue About

Mariah Carey’s legs are priceless, but she has modestly insured them for only $1 Billion.

Yes, $1 billion. If you calculate the number of men who lose their chill looking at those legs, you will find some justification with this insurance policy. One of her legs has a scar, but hey, in imperfection lies the beauty. And one whooping billion dollars.

Ilja Gort made an insurance policy of $8 million for his nose.

This thing is for those of you who don’t know, Ilja Gort is a celebrated Dutch winemaker. His sniffing prowess has made him what he is. With that insurance policy of 7 million dollars, he coveys a message: ‘a useful nose is far more precious than just a beautiful one.’


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