Crystal Studios, a one-stop post-production lab offered by Kumar Raj to all filmmakers.


Crystal Studios is an in-house division of Kumar Raj Productions for completing post-production of all films of Kumar Raj which are done entirely at Crystal Studios. The studio is available for Hollywood, Bollywood, and South filmmakers for various post-production jobs.

They provide a fantastic facility for filmmakers for Dubbing/ADR, dialogue matching, solo performance, recording, mixing, mastering services and a film preview facility with 5.1 surround sound. In the editorial room, no matter what method you choose, whether you hire your own technicians for editing or use their studio team for colour grading (DI), Crystal Studios will provide the best. Crystal Studios has National award-winning technicians. The technical and Marketing director is Ajay Mishra & the General manager is Ranjeet Jaiswal.

This month, the company inaugurated a brand-new audio post-production studio and editing lab. They are equipped with the latest and most advanced high-tech equipment, such as Genelec 8030C near Field Monitor & Yamaha HS8 Monitors, PreSonus 1824C Audio Interface, PreSonus Studio Channel, ART TPS II™️ – (Tube Preamplifier System “Designed as the ideal preamp for any application), PreSonus Faderport production controller, Arturia MIDI Keyboard Controller 61 keys, Neumann TLM-102 Condenser Microphone, Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone, Shure SM57 & SM58 Legendary Microphone.

They also provide special assistance to students, new filmmakers, and women empowerment films. Every month free classes are held to encourage, teach, and promote youth in film making. It is the perfect environment for music and film post-production.

While talking about the studio, Kumar Raj said, “This is a tumultuous time for the film industry due to the pandemic and we are providing assistance to as many producers and directors as we can to complete their post-production work in the most efficient way possible.”

The very competent team of national award-winning technicians take care of the work under the guidance of the director of Crystal Studio’s Ajay Mishra and General Manager Ranjeet Jaiswal.