Shah Rukh Khan Is The Most Charitable Star Of Bollywood


Shah Rukh Khan, certainly he is the most charitable star of Bollywood. Yes, you heard right. Unlike others he does not beat drums of the donations made by him. He believes in doing Charity silently and he does it without saying it to anybody.

The King of Bollywood is also known as the King of hearts due to his kind deeds. The on-screen character has constantly utilized his notoriety for the right reasons and we’re certain he’ll continue doing as such for a considerable length of time to come. Just about 10 years back the the actor used to charge Rs. 5,000 for each meeting he used to attend and the returns were donated to NGOs. SRK is additionally a Board of Director of the Make A Wish establishment that attempts to satisfy the wishes of kids with lethal illnesses. Shah Rukh Khan is dependably in news for helping to those in need. In December 2015, Shah Rukh Khan and his Dilwale group gave Rs. 1 crore to the floods victims of Chennai.

Shah Rukh Khan was awarded the UNESCO Pyramide con Marni award for his charitable work. Off course, he is the only Indian to receive this till date.

In Nanavati Hospital, King Khan has made special department of the treatment of cancer patients and children ward in memory of his beloved mother who died due to cancer. As of now, Shah Rukh Khan is empowering acid attack victims and also protecting women’s rights through his NGO, Meer Foundation named after his beloved father Meer Taj Mohammed Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan is truly an inspiration to the youths of the country and one can learn how dreams can be achieved by seeing him. Moreover, one can even learn how to pay back to society if the person is capable of helping others. We salute King Khan for spending your blood, sweat and hard-earned money for the betterment of the society.