Shah Rukh Khan Supports Deepika Padukone Wholeheartedly On The Times Of India Tweet Controversy

“I think I’ve said what I had to say, everything else will be taken care of,” said Deepika Padukone when asked about the stand that she has taken against the pictures posted by @TOIentertain at the music launch of Happy New Year today.

Shah Rukh Khan spoke out for Deepika in a heartfelt manner. Someone who has always displayed amazing respect for women at all times, I decided to quote him verbatim and in totality:

“What Deepika has said, every woman here, every woman in the country, every woman in the world feels. We are actors, we are professionals, and we are always going to be in a situation when things are going to be a little different because we are photographed so much. What she has said is wonderful, it’s fantastic, we all believe in it. All the men here today and I speak for Vivaan, Abhishek, Boman sir, Sonu and me, maybe we don’t have the guts to do what she has done but we believe in it, we support it but maybe we shouldn’t trivialise it. For all the girls here, all the girls everywhere it’s an important aspect that we have to respect it. Women empowerment is a different issue but we need to respect each other’s individuality and the job that we do. What she has said is fantastic. It’s stupid of us to sit here and say we stand by it, we have (emphasis on the word) to stand by it, all of us here (everyone clapped at this point). It’s amazingly respectful of the support that has come Deepika’s way. Whatever I’ve read, whatever you all have said is fantastic, when we stand by something which is wrong. We should not trivialise it.”

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