Here Are Some Freaking Bollywood Star Rumors & Fact Check


The world is a global market, which was in India at Hollywood met with reps, Blues now one of the largest high-performance film production areas in the world.

Statistics show that every year, 1,000 films produced in the Irish language. Ticket sales are exceeding 3,600 million.

Hollywood stars, and Other tabloids and the world to focus on Britney Spears, are Yana Gupta and Abhay Deol in a relationship that is secret but now disclosed, it is not far behind.

Randeep hood Sushmita Sen and rode off in secret, it occurred to me, but the rumors denied. “when you hear all that? Your complete rubbish,” gloom And Sushmita. Aishwarya Rai has no intention to leave the developer for the right to marriage. And the same with Gerard Depardieu in the Olympic games on the mainstream French route.

Another girl Mona Lisa (real name Antara Biswas), continues to attract the attention and the cries of men (and women) in India, with, as they unveiled the photos and videos. Now speaking about the photoshoots, Gauri’s song appears on the cover of the American magazine “Vogue” and tells all through the exhibition.

Deepika Padukone, fair Other heartbreak, makes the movies (the latest Om Shanti Om) and seeks to achieve a bachelor’s degree at the Indira Gandhi National University. The heartthrob John Abraham and Bipasha Basu will soon be changed marriage rings. It may be that the legitimate heir Rock Rock: for of such of the stars of the same thing.

But the Other the constellations thereof shall not be affected, as is the way of faith report. Amitabh Bachchan has not forgotten me, Durgiana Temple, and the Temple of the golden when he had lately been admitted for I will say the prayers of the actor visited his mother, and his mother, and the pleader, Teji Bachchan.

Sonali Kulkarni silence breaks the world and tells of the clothes are transparent. But she carries her, which he asserts that, at all times, and that there was a trick of the light. When this reporter, when they had this flash of light from his journey, which I purpose to do.

Other news as Hollywood loves to take a look at our thoughts, hearts and lives of its stars. Sometimes I wonder if that person is only a movie star; Live as if you from the rest of us.

Chhote Nawab Kareena Kapoor dedicated his heart. While there are rumors problems, Chhote says, “Many people say that many of the most wonderful person I know ..”

To the fact that they often take the other went on to encourage their own, who do not have mimes, male and female, a new, challenging and often controversial roles. To be pulled by commercial director Mallika Sherawat Kundan role of a prostitute in the nature of things in a new film in civil cases. Rakesh Roshan fame and fortune, and has kept Deepika Padukone Other’s “A List” and rejected for inclusion in a new film with Hrithik Roshan.

Other plays to Hollywood, in the second position, perhaps; but in those days, that they may quickly change, and, on the other hand, and if it is excessive to the writers, the producers of the production continues, in the drive to the golden beaches of Los Angeles. Other is here to stay, and Britney Spears do not call it the first time. Other fallen stars and internationally known as a sign that the late actress Shilpa in Britain controversial TV show Big Brother.

Or the thing formed say to him that is true in Other in India of the city? Other it is not true; It was created in the mind of the press. (Rome and Hollywood) deal with the fact that many critics Hollywood confirm roof; The name seems to remain more of the decision.