Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

Do you want to know about Alia Bhatt? “Alia Bhatt’s birthdate”? “Alia Bhatt’s age”? About “Alia Bhatt’s family”? Then this article is for you.

While the nation awaits Alia Bhatt’s interesting role. We find out what makes the star kid, Alia, a heart-throb, and not to mention so damn interesting! Wait, that’s not all, for the fun part is, this “Student Of The Year” girl, Alia Bhatt, actually comes with a box full of interesting secrets that will leave you scratching your heads.

Alia Bhatt’s Net Worth is about 27 Crores and an annual income of Rs. 7 Crores. Alia Bhatt’s Height in Feet is about 5.1 feet. Alia Bhatt’s birthdate is 15 March 1993 and Alia Bhatt’s age is 26. Sounds interesting, well, we promise, you would end up giving us a ten out of ten for this top 10 Interesting Facts about Alia Bhatt. Just grab a tub of popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

1. The Hatke Star-kid of Bollywood
Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt. Alia Bhatt's birthdate

The most important day of her life is definitely, March, the 15th of 1993, Alia Bhatt’s birthdate. Alia Bhatt, born to an acclaimed actress, Sony Razdan, and the well-known film director Mahesh Bhatt, could have been an interesting case of overnight Bollywood super star.

Like, really think about how interesting it is. Would you not have asked your dad for a break in a Bollywood flick rather than going out and asking for roles from people? Well, the interesting Alia stands out. For not only she decided against taking the short-cut but also, doing it the tough way.

Did you know? Alia Bhatt actually “auditioned” for Karan Johar’s “Student Of The Year”, yes, you read it right, she had to go through an interesting process of selection like an ordinary next door girl. Next time, think before worrying about others using connections and link-ups. Well, this girl’s first cousins are Emraan Hashmi and Mohit Suri and Mukesh Bhatt is her uncle, and yet she auditioned.

On an even more interesting note, she actually auditioned along-with 500 beautiful women for the role of Shanaya.

2. OMG , She Is A Rock star
Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt 2

You know Alia Bhatt’s birthdate and “Alia Bhatt’s age”, 26. She has more than 10 albums and sings in 11 languages; she also has more than a dozen of singles in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Greek and Arabic. She was the first one to release a pop song celebrating 50 years of Indian independence! Scratching heads already? Eh! Well, truly we are not to blame. See for yourself in the picture for an interesting resemblance of our beautiful fresh face of Bollywood with the pop star singing sensation of the 90s, Anaida.

Yeah, this multi-talented performer, Anaida, who painted, acted, directed and produced shocked us the first time we came across this. We will definitely give you a moment to absorb it. This one just turned out to be way too more interesting!

Now, if our beloved Alia is not a sensational pop singer of today’s Bollywood, she definitely lives up to the expectation, for she has proved to be a complete entertainer. And, we just cannot wait to share it with you.

Not only did she sing ‘Sooha Saaha’ with Zeb in the road movie, “Highway”, but by an interesting report, she also won an offer from the Oscar winner music director AR Rahman to actually train in the prestigious music school of Rahman.

Besides, how could we forget to mention the interesting version of ‘Samjahawaan’ composed by Sharib and Toshi for the movie “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania”!

3. Strange Hobbies

Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt 3

Okay, we somehow have a feeling that you are overdosed with too much of the “interesting” Bollywood news. So we thought of giving you a tour through the even lesser known facts about this interesting diva. Alia Bhatt’s birthdate is 13, March 1993 and people born in March are interesting.
We found out some strange obsessions of this interesting actress, and we bet, you would not believe your own eyes while reading them, because some of them might actually match with yours!

Might sound strange, but Alia Bhatt actually uses her charcoal painting skills to relax! She was also admitted to the dance school academy of Shaimak Davar at the age of only four. Now you know the secrets of the dance moves of Radha.

Lastly, did you know Alia would do anything to pass a fitness test? Though she has a sweet tooth for rabri, yoghurt, cheese and kheer, she never fails a proper routine when it comes to her diet. What interests us even more is the fact that, she is good in sports and excellent in handball.

4. Incredible Passions

Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

Attention Guys! An interesting opportunity knocks at your door. You might just end up winning a hot date with Alia and it’s not that difficult! All you need to do is sport the most interesting perfume and you are game. Yes, Alia has a weakness for men’s perfumes and would even spray them once in a while if it’s too irresistible!

Just like the soft drink brand she endorses, she is in fact fond of cool beverages rather than hot drinks and she would not mind them with a bit(e) of dosa and a lot of exercises.

She just loves animals and had campaigned for PETA in their advertisement for protecting the rights of the animals. You might have known an emotional Alia, but this one is just too cute.

A chubby and sweet average student, but an interesting Alia was called “Aloo”. But this little girl went on to make an interesting vow in her childhood; she made a promise to herself of never cutting her hair for any role ever! Well, all we can say is she has kept her promise so far!

5. Youngest Entrepreneur of Bollywood
Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt’s birthdate is March 13, 1993. 2014 had been a very interesting year in the career of Alia Bhatt. For this is the year in which she had three important film releases and a lot more happening beyond! Her films, “Highway”, “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania” and “2 States” came after a break of an year, with her block-buster hit “Student Of The Year” which stars Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, along with Siddharth Malhotra in 2012.
All these films actually garnered a lot of interesting critical recognition and audience appreciation, but she did not forget to experiment, and this is exactly why she is worthy of this “interesting” article.

While her films did well at the theatres, Alia went on to do a short-film, “Going Home”, and a cameo in “Ugly”, besides endorsing for at least three brands.

And, to top it all, in the year 2014, Alia Bhatt age 26, launched her own line of clothing in association with the online shopping platform, targeting the new-age women.

Her initiative, which makes her one of the youngest genius is laudable, for she celebrates the free spirit in her, in the branding and marketing of the products, as she surprises us with the interesting two word description of the collection : “very simple” and “very me”.

6. Apolitical Alia

Whenever you read a scoop about a Bollywood celebrity, about a so and so actress dating a so and so actor and hating or loving a so and so co-actor, you know half of the things are cooked up and are sure to be untrue, right? Absolutely wrong, well, at least we can definitely say that about Alia Bhatt.

Alia is so interesting that she is unabashed when she speaks of her fellow-actors and hence, she wins the title ‘the apolitical Alia’. Some facts she shared are truly overwhelming and worth mentioning in this list.

Alia’s reaction to the trailer of “Citylights” was too interesting; she was thoroughly moved as she made it clear to the press. She even added further that the movie in the end had left her teary-eyed! In fact, she ended up hosting a special preview of the film, graced by the presence of her family and friends.

Alia has admitted the fact that she is a fan of Kareena Kapoor, despite countless comparisons of the two beautiful women in the media, both being shot to fame at an early age in the industry.

She is also in love, with the kind of work Deepika does, she in fact admires her, but, she blatantly confessed that she feels Parineeta Chopra is a definite competition! We wonder how many actresses would have even cared to answer a question on that line.

7. This Girl Is Born Interesting
Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt’s birthdate is March 13, 1993 and Ever wondered why Alia is such a naturally beautiful woman, we have cracked that one too and we are not being humble, seriously, this was not that difficult for us.
Alia is an awesome Indo-European mixture, she is half-Kashmiri and half-German from her mother’s side, interestingly though, her father is Gujarati. One has to be truly blessed, to be born with the aura of so many scenic places.

Though, for the world, she remained unseen and unnoticed, for she was mostly into keeping herself lonely and to herself; it was only after becoming a celebrity that she became a party animal she is today.

When we learned this one, it made us wonder even more about her. She was actually grown up to be an atheist by none other than her father and has not been forced to follow any religion since her childhood days. Interesting, as we promised!

She recently performed at a charity event alongside her co-actors, Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur and Huma Qureshi for the noble cause of helping the flood victims of Uttarakhand, now that makes her a completely beautiful woman, isn’t it? Read to know more about Alia Bhatt…

8. 4 Films, 10 Awards and an “interesting” 24 Nominations!
Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt 8

This one is outright interesting, Alia has literally rewritten the history, with this absolute show-stopper! WARNING this can stop your healthy heart too! She is one of those rare jewels who has more awards in her kitty than the total number of films she actually acted in, unbelievable? Believe it!

We found an interesting list: Favourite Debut (Female), Female Debut, Superstar of Tomorrow-Female, Most Entertaining Jodi of the Year (with Arjun Kapoor), Most Entertaining Actor in a Romantic Film – Female, Entertainer of the Year, Critics Award for Best Actress and that is not all, for she also has won the Most Promising Female Newcomer and an award for contribution to the Cinema!

Wait, a second, did we forget to mention that she also bagged the title of the Most Desirable Woman of 2012? Now that totally explains your right to go head over heels for this lovely woman.

With “Shaandaar”, “Udta Punjab” and “Kapoor and Sons”, she is definitely going to make that list lengthy, and seriously, we won’t mind bringing that to you, whenever it makes news.

Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

9. She can go up to any extent

Now, many might have spent some time a few years ago about how interesting is Mcatthew McConaugheys’ body modification for “Dallas Buyers Club” but, they might have not known how far our beautiful starlet had gone to seal a deal for her movies.
The beautiful actress, rendered into perfection the stockholm syndrome, in the movie “Highway”, shocking the critics and the audience at the same time, for she was never to be expected out of an hard core commercial movie before this. Certainly, she let the world know to always expect the unexpected from her.

To become Ananya Swaminatham in the movie “2 States”, Alia actually learned Tamil. In fact, her role was so matured, yet so natural and organic that it was hard to believe that she was actually acting.

Alia has grown from strengths to strengths. In the movie “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania”, she made sure that it was not at all subtle rather purely larger than life, again setting a benchmark of great performances in Bollywood.

But, what you are going to read next, is even more awe-inspiring (we thought using “interesting” will do injustice to this awesome feat). Alia Bhatt lost about 16 kilograms of body weight to become Shanaya Singhania of “Student Of The Year” within just three months of auditioning! Now that explains why she is the ‘superstar-of-tomorrow’, hats off Alia!

Alia Bhatt's birthdate is March 13, 1993

Ten Interesting Facts About Alia Bhatt

10. Her First Movie Was A Thriller

Now, for the moment of golden truth, we decided to arm you with that extra bit of an edgy confidence, with this fabulous fact of this beautiful woman.
Reet Oberoi, the child who witnessed her terrorist brother being gunned down at their own house in the 1999 Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta thriller was none other than the cutie pie Alia Bhatt. Could you guess the movie? Yes, “Sangharsh” it is.

For many, “Student Of The Year” is the debut of Alia, but now you know the truth. Alia actually played the younger Reet Oberoi, or in other words, the younger Preity Zinta in the movie. In fact, this important phase of Reet’s life provides a psychological scaffolding for the entire narrative, which ends up bringing not only the character of Akshay Kumar closer to her but also helps them finishing off the devilish villain.

So, now that you are all glistening in the shining armour (read every single interesting facts of Alia), you can really go ahead and flaunt your knowledge on this Bollywood Super-star. For a start, try quizzing which is Alia’s debut movie?
You can thank us later.

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