7 Most Popular Superheroes Of All Time


Today we have decided to bring the list of 7 Most Popular Superheroes Of All Time. Superheros are the characters that have a superpower. They indeed help the world become a better place to live and protect people from bad evils. There are a lot of fans around the globe who love their favorite superheroes unconditionally. It does not matter whether they are Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Universe superhero, the fans go crazy to watch their favorite superhero played by their favorite actor on the big screen.

Be it Hugh Jackman playing the Wolverine, Robert Downey Jr. playing the Iron Man or Robert Pattinson playing the role of Batman in 2021. They represent the characters so well that the fans can’t imagine any other actor making justice for their favorite characters.

The superhero films have their separate fanbase, and they are dominating the market globally since 2000. They are both critically acclaimed and thriving in the Box Office worldwide. We have a list of the most popular superheroes across the globe, and we want our readers to know about them.


Superman is undoubtedly one of the most popular superheroes across the globe. Everyone knows Superman just by his costume, logo, or smile he has. No doubt, he is the first comic superhero to become famous globally.


If anyone can challenge the popularity of Superman, then it would have to be Batman. The stories of Batman are consistently written compared to other superheroes. Earlier Batman was famous, but the popularity of the Batman increased after the Dark Knight trilogy.


Spider-Man, generally considered as one of Marvel’s famous superhero. Spider-Man has been a favorite superhero of many, and he seems to be one of the most interesting superheroes. Though he is underpower compared to other superheroes. Spider-Man remains one of the favorite superheroes for the cinema lovers, no matter how many superheroes come and go.

Iron Man

Iron Man was not among the favorites of comic book lovers. But thanks to the fantastic performance of Robert Downy Jr., Iron Man was one of the standout Avengers superheroes. People love Iron Man because he has a different type of lifestyle, he is a damn genius, and he is wealthy.

The Hulk

The Hulk is among one of the most iconic characters in the world of superheroes. The Hulk is popular in the comics because he is preferably one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. A lot of people grown up watching the Hulk TV show in the 1970s. The Hulk is neither a hero nor a villain. We can consider him as an anti-hero, though.

Captain America

Captain America is known as the leader of the Avengers. Captain America is not as strong as the Hulk, Iron Man, or any other Marvel superheroes, but he is very focused and has his own set of goals in mind. Captain America is a soldier who works with his principles. To lead any team, you need to inspire everyone, and Captain America is incorruptible. He is the perfect one, and he is not going to compromise with his principles for anything.


If you have been surfing the internet regularly, then you might have heard a lot about Thor. In the first two movies, Thor was just dull and depressing, but after the Ragnarok, Thor seemed to more exciting and even smarter. Since then, people started loving the character. Thor is unlike other characters because he is a warrior born and raised.

Avengers: Endgame450 Crore
Avengers: Infinity War295 Crore
Avengers: Age of Ultron111 Crore
Spider-Man: Far from Home104 Crore
Captain Marvel101 Crore
(All collections in Gross Figures)

It looks like films of Marvel are way forward than DC films when it comes to Box Office performance. All five movies on the list belong to Marvel. The highest-grossing film of DC is Joker in India, with the collections of 70 Crore. As Avengers are multi-superhero films, when it comes to personal power, then Spider-Man and Captain Marvel can be considered as the popular looking into the figures.

Notable Mentions –

  • The Flash
  • Black Panther
  • Wonder Women
  • Black Widow
  • Deadpool
  • Ant-Man

Some Famous Indian Superheroes –

  • G. One
  • Krrish
  • Shaktimaan
  • Super Woman Shakti
  • Nagraj

Well! Now you got to know about the Most Popular Superheroes Of All Time. So please let us know which of them is your favorite superhero, and why?