Dheeraj Dhoopar’s Secret To His Hair Styles


Dheeraj Dhoopar is known for his versatile acting and excellent fashion sense, but did you know his love for his hair? Yes, believe it or not, you got it right. Not only does he love to experiment with fashion, but he gives great attention to his look, especially his hair. He ensures that his hair is perfect when shooting or being in a public place.

So, how does he look perfect even when he’s not working? He can’t be using regular shampoos like us and expect to stand out among the crowd. According to Dheeraj Dhoopar, he spends around thirty thousand a month on his hair looks. Yes, believe it or not, actors must spend this much and stay consistent.

Dheeraj Dhoopar constantly needs to trim his hair and keep his hair hydrated all the time. He constantly needs to take specific vitamins to stay healthy and good-looking. Dheeraj regularly gets his hair spa and oiling to keep his hair healthy. From hair spa to hair gel to hair mousse, he needs to treat his hair with care even when he needs to look crisp at the award function. So now we almost know why and how Dheeraj spends thirty thousand just on his hairstyle. He loves his hair which we can see in his pics, and I hope he keeps trying different looks regarding his hairstyle.