Oreo, the lifeline of Dheeraj Dhoopar


Dheeraj Dhoopar is pretty passionate about his pet and often shares his goofy pics and videos on Instagram. The dog is a British Bulldog named Oreo who is the ultimate cuddle bear. We can clearly see the special bond he shares with his cuddle bear and we just couldn’t get enough of them.

Dogs have always been a huge part of human lives and for Dheeraj, Oreo is not just a dog but a family, a true home. The only, absolute, and best friend that Dheeraj has, in this selfish world who will never deny but will always obey is his cuddle bear Oreo. He is almost 3 years now and even after being an untrained dog Oreo behaves perfectly and obeys every command. They built a strong bond over time but like every other dog Oreo just loves to eat and begs for food with his puppy eyes which Dheeraj couldn’t resist. Oreo loves them unconditionally and sees them as a family and that is why we have the statement “Home is where paws are”.

No matter how rough a person’s life has been or a dog’s life has been you can always heal with one another. Their powerful instincts can sense our mood which makes Oreo the perfect escape place for Dheeraj from all the shooting and glamourous world. They enjoy being a snuggly, pampered, and crazy duo and enjoy the moment to the fullest. So far Oreo has taught them a great deal about life which they will always cherish even when he’s gone. That is why we say that they always tend to leave their imprint on us.