Music Producer Janapriyan Levine releases a beaty punjabi song ‘Jugni’ ft. Ishmeet Narula


American Music Producer Janapriyan Levine releases his latest Punjabi song ‘Jugni’. Janapriyan features California based Punjabi singer Ishmeet Narula in this sassy and cheeky number. The video, directed by V.K Singh Mom, spins a funny tale of a married couple growing old and bitter.  The wife, played by Aman Sandhu, grows tired of the husbands’ demands and she must remember that she was once a wild, free spirit like the girl in the song. Meanwhile, the grumpy husband,  played by comedian Sandeep Jit Pateela, is glued to the television where he is bewildered by the American guy dancing next to the Punjabi singer.  While serving her husband his rotis and parathas, the passion of the music overtakes the wife.  What will happen if the husband catches her? The video was shot during the lockdown between Punjab and California.
“Ishmeet is great to have in the studio as she is so playful and open to try anything.  I made this funny tumbi loop and put it in her headphones. In less than 30 minutes she had written some verses and sang the whole bit. I chose to keep it raw. Sometimes, there is more personality when you capture the first take”, says Janapriyan.
Talking about the character in-depth, Janapriyan describes, “There are many twists on Jugni, but in this version, we made her dance in the clubs of San Fransisco and New York causing shenanigans and bringing her mischief from Punjab to America. The song is an American Jugni in that way”.

Speaking on the vision of the video, Mr Levine adds, “The video concept came from VK Singh Mom as we were brainstorming in the hotel one night. We didn’t want to do the obvious video concept of a girl in the clubs going wild. We thought it would be funnier and more meaningful if this Jugni character might be an older woman looking back at her youth through the lens of her strained marriage and remembering that deep down she still has the spark”.
Janapriyan Levine is an American producer based in California. He releases new music every month featuring different singers on his youtube channel. Apart from his recently released Hindi song ‘Dil Mera’ with (Internationally viral song) Jalebi Baby Singer Shweta Subram, he previously released a Punjabi song ‘Mai Teri Tu Mera’ with Gurgulshan Singh, a Hindi-Pop song ‘Tera Hua’ with Vikalp Sharma and Punjabi folk song ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ with Meenal Jain. His melodies are so unique that each release is almost a genre in itself. He recorded his first solo album in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2001, since then he’s been producing original music with south India’s Varijashree Venugopal, The Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, Veena maestro Rajesh Vaidya, playback singer Suvarna Tiwari, and many more. Collaborating with some of India’s well-known singers, he releases a series of music videos on his youtube channel that feature a different vocalist with each song.A true pioneer in the hybrid space where musical cultures collide, Janapriyan has created a brand that stands out among the usual sounds.
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Known for helping to create the Facebook Sound Collection, a warehouse of original music which serves the users of Facebook and Instagram, Janapriyan Levine is a rare musical phenomenon. With his unique sound he has produced a significant catalogue of songs that feature Grammy award-winning artists and many of India’s favourite vocalists.
Song Credits:
Song – Jugni
Music – Janapriyan LevineVocals / lyrics – Ishmeet Narula
Video direction and concept – V.K Singh Mom

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