Hariprem Films & Jamstreet Music presents ‘Saajan Re’


‘Hariprem Films’ with Jamstreet Music is redefining Rajasthani music with a contemporary romantic ballad ‘Saajan Re’ which features the talented celebrity duo Gaurav Wadhwa and Ishita Meena. The music is produced and composed by Akshay Agarwal and pleasantly sung by Parul Mishra.
Under the direction of Arpit Gangwal, the music video beautifully shot in the exotic locations of Rajasthan, shares the season’s most romantic and emotional quotient of a relationship.

“I have worked in Jaipur several times but I was completely surprised to see the level of professionalism and commitment towards the craft. The entire production unit was very well versed and everyone in the team knew their job. I feel ‘Saajan Re’ will be a huge game-changer in the Rajasthani Industry”, shares Actor Gaurav Wadhwa.

The female lead Ishita Meena says, “I am feeling proud to be a part of a project like this, when Arpit, the director of the video pitched me the idea of presenting a Rajasthani song in such a youthful style, I knew this is going to be huge leap in Rajasthani industry in terms of audiovisual quality. Can’t wait for everyone to see the video! Hoping it reaches to the huge audiences not just in Rajasthan but in the entire nation”

The song ‘Saajan Re’ is exclusively marketed by Global Music Junction & Distributed by Warner Music India.
Having charmed audiences with their previous tracks, featuring heavyweights from the music and television industry, they now intend to create push original music with every release.
‘Saajan Re’ is scheduled to release on 21st of January 2022.

About Hariprem Films
Hariprem Films is one of the primary video and music production companies to bring modern Rajasthani pop music to mainstream audiences across the length and breadth of India. Often strictly tied to tradition, Rajasthani music has, through the decades not quite been able to shed its folk avatar and really produced popular music incorporating the beats, synths and basslines of say, Punjabi music.

The trend of regional industries coming up and offering their content in their own language is now becoming a mainstream day-to-day affair. Songs and films in the regional language are now getting equal recognition as Hindi content. And in this new world of regional content Hariprem Films promises to deliver the most beautiful audio-visual experience for the Rajasthani audience. The audiences, in general, has become more open-minded towards the regional content and CEO Nitin Samadhiya creates that same space for Rajasthani audiences to enjoy quality music and films in their own language.

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